Pangaea has extensive expertise in the compilation and management of spatial geologic data, minerals exploration survey layouts and data processing, and other natural resources activities.  Additionally, our staff has broad knowledge and expertise in the spatial needs of local government and of 911 data.

• Technical help with training and tech support

• New projects including needs assessment/requirements analysis and database design

• Small to enterprise GIS implementation

• Conversion of legacy data to searchable, intelligent map data

• Start to finish GIS project management

• Workflow analysis

Pangaea Specialty Services

•     development of geologic maps & cross sections

•     parcel layer development and maintenance (parcel and subdivision mapping)

•     911 data development and maintenance (ESN Boundaries, address points, street centerlines with address ranges, zipcode boundaries)

•     plot level cemetery mapping (gravesite mapping to tie to your cemetery database and a headstone picture tied to each gravesite.)


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